The Hundredth Monkey

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The Hundredth Monkey: Activities that Inspire Playful Learning

Nate Folan and Friends 

The Hundredth Monkey is the newest activity book published with Project Adventure (PA).  It’s brimming with an inspiring assortment of versatile icebreakers, energizers, group games, and team-building activities.

  • Introduces more than 100 new activities in an easy, teacher friendly format with valuable tips and variations
  • Connects all activities to social emotional learning (SEL) and team & leadership development themes
  • Outlines multiple introduction and discussion ideas for intentional focus
  • Explores the significance of four group leadership practices – playing, relating, reflecting, and loving
  • Offers a fresh take on Challenge by Choice, Full Value Contract, the Experiential Learning Cycle, and more
  • Includes a special chapter on sequencing, demonstrating how to effectively link and layer activities for optimal group engagement and learning
  • Adaptable for any age, any setting, for any reason

There is plenty here to inspire anyone who hopes to advance the human condition. If you wish to empower people to play, laugh, connect, learn, reflect, grow, heal, achieve, perform and live fully, this activity guide is for YOU!

The Hundredth Monkey is an inspirational and practical offering to those of us who hope to spread the joy of adventure-based experiential education and the boundless potential for learning and growth.

The Hundredth Monkey is available at:

Praise for the Hundredth Monkey

“What a great book!  It is authentic, genuine and focused on bringing out the best in us! These activities will help you stretch your comfort zone and provide a structured and safe learning environment to grow, connect and develop your personal and your team’s potential. (The Hundredth Monkey) will be the essential book I use in developing activities for my mentoring program.”

Tim McGowan, Counselor and 2007 Regional Teacher of the Year, Rapid City Central High School, Rapid City, SD

“The Hundredth Monkey is soon to be the dog-eared book that comes along with me to all my trainings when I haven’t lent it out to someone! The Hundredth Monkey does a fantastic job of presenting activities in a format that is easy to access for both the veteran and novice adventure facilitators”

Jeff Frigon, Youth & Student Programs Coordinator at UNH’s Browne Center for Innovative Learning, Durham, NH

 “I absolutely love it! Really, really dig it. It’s awesome! …it’s like having a personal adventure facilitation coach on your bookshelf.”

Daryl Essensa, Research and Project Assistant, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

“Project Adventure (PA) has once again created a resource that gives us new activities in a context for recreation, education, and developmental programming. Section 1 challenges the reader to delve deeper into their practice; Section 2 offers never before published activities; and Section 3 provides well thought out program flows that harkens to PA’s top-selling Physical Education Trilogy. I highly recommend this book as the new adventure “go to” resource!”

Tara Flippo, M.A., Director of Youth & Student Programs at UNH’s Browne Center for Innovative Learning, Durham, NH and Founder of Social Change Training & Consulting

“The Hundredth Monkey represents a tipping point, the moment when systemic change is actualized by a group.  The activities included in this book will provide facilitators, coaches and consultants with tools to engage their clients experientially in the process of transformation.”  

Bart Crawford, CEO Crawford Collaborative Consulting

“We are all connected to each other and through that human connection lies the essence of living with purpose.  What we change in ourselves we change for everyone that we affect.  And it is this change for the better that enhances the quality of life for ourselves and those around us.  It was this concept that rushed to my mind when reading excerpts from The Hundredth Monkey and the philosophy that inspired it.  All of us are connected and ultimately we are all accountable to those we have relationships with.  The activities and philosophies of The Hundredth Monkey can only strengthen those connections and improve the lives of all those touched by it.”

Tony Calcia, Vice President Child Protection and Social Responsibility Hockomock Area YMCA, North Attleboro, MA

“WOW!  Leave it to PA to find MORE and MORE ways to inspire playful learning.  PA has taught me that the MORE you learn about PA, the LESS you know about it and therefore the MORE you want to learn!  Its never ending as the monkeys have taught us- you need all 99 before you can have the 100th work its magic! Such a collaboration of experiences that breed more experiences. Mahalo PA”

Kristen Okura, PE Teacher, Don Juan Avila Middle School, Aliso Viejo, CA

“The activities and curriculum found within the pages of The Hundredth Monkey combine three essential elements which contribute to the healthy development of individuals and groups – play, physical activity and fun. This book is a must for any teacher or program leader who is looking to inspire their students and training participants to share, trust and learn.”

Mark Collard, Expereintial Trainer & Author and founder of, Melbourne, Australia